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Portraiture & Artistic
A selection of various artisitic shots and portraiture. These shots are sometimes contained within other albums, but a selection of the better shots are shown here.

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Portraiture  |  Total images: 45  |  Date added: 31.12.2007
A selection of various portraiture photos.
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Macro  |  Total images: 18  |  Date added: 31.12.2007
Close-up type shots, mostly (but not always) shot with a macro lens.
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Artistic  |  Total images: 19  |  Date added: 31.12.2007
A selection of photos which seem to be "artistic" in nature.
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Nature  |  Total images: 9  |  Date added: 22.12.2007
Artistic type shots, but this time centered around a nature theme.

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