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Australia Jan 2006
Lynn and I did a quick three week holiday to Sydney over the Christmas/New Year period

In and around Sydney
In and around Sydney  |  Total images: 77  |  Date added: 11.01.2006
A large number of photos taken in various places in and around Sydney and Sydney harbour
New Years Eve
New Years Eve  |  Total images: 48  |  Date added: 01.01.2006
New Year's Eve in Sydney is always fantastic. We watched the fireworks from Luna Park
Canberra  |  Total images: 8  |  Date added: 03.01.2006
We did the usual sights in and around Canberra including the Australian National Museum and the Australian Institute of Sport.
Diving  |  Total images: 7  |  Date added: 28.12.2005
We did a couple of dives with my father. Not a huge number of photos to show for it...
Hunter Valley
Hunter Valley  |  Total images: 28  |  Date added: 09.01.2006
A two day trip to the Hunter Valley to sample and buy wines. Most of these shots were from the local zoo.
Jenolan Caves
Jenolan Caves  |  Total images: 11  |  Date added: 04.01.2006
After our trip to the Blue Mountains was met with fog, we drove a little further to the Jenolan Caves
Minus 5
Minus 5  |  Total images: 20  |  Date added: 06.01.2006
Located in Circular Quay, we found a bar called Minus 5. Guests can go from 35 degrees outside to enjoy a bar where everything is made of ice - right in the middle of Sydney!

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