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Italy October 2005
A short trip to Liguria, Italy. Not much in the way of underwater photos, so this was filed under "Travel". I was testing out my new Olympus 7070 but hadn't had a chance to read the manual at that stage...

 Mark - wide angle  Mark at 3m stop  Mark at 3m stop  John at 3m stop  Mark performs spare mask switch drill after completing 3m stop  Church shot at night  Alleyway (testing night mode of camera)  Mixing flash with natural light in night mode  Dinner time. John, Marcia, Tamaki, Lynn  Shopping district at night  Attempting artistic shot of lamp  Another church at night  Mark enjoys some gelato one more time...  Marcia - karaoke or gelato?  View across the bay        John and Marcia  Strange place for a boat?  John, Marica and Lynn - out and about  John, Marica and Lynn - out and about       Marcia, John, Lynn - lunchtime  The main church during the day...  John and Marcia - gelato time again?  John and Marcia - gelato time again?  John contemplates the next bite...  John  Marcia  Marcia  John    Some sort of abandoned garden   Lynn and John head back to the dive base

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