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Japan April 07
A very enjoyable four-week trip to Japan. The purpose was partly Japanese-language study and party holiday. Japan is one of my favourite countries.

Funny Signs
Funny Signs  |  Total images: 26  |  Date added: 12.05.2007
As usual, Japan is full of signs that bring a smile to the face of English-speakers.
Tokyo  |  Total images: 100  |  Date added: 11.05.2007
After the travels across Japan I spent one week in Tokyo. My Japanese teacher Keigo was visiting Tokyo so we spent some time together.
Himeji  |  Total images: 55  |  Date added: 05.05.2007
Day trip to Himeji - main attraction the big castle
Hiroshima  |  Total images: 66  |  Date added: 03.05.2007
I only spent a single day in Hiroshima, but I was lucky enough to be there on the day of their flower festival - lots of parades and displays. The atomic bomb museum was a very disturbing experience.
Fukuoka  |  Total images: 107  |  Date added: 03.05.2007
Photos of things in and around Fukuoka - mainly connected to the language school or my host family.
Beppu  |  Total images: 71  |  Date added: 30.04.2007
Day trip to Beppu on the eastern coast of Kyushu. A resort town full of fantastic views, mountains, hot springs and slot machine parlours.
Kagoshima  |  Total images: 48  |  Date added: 29.04.2007
Day trip to the southern tip of Kyushu, the town of Kagoshima
Takeo Onsen
Takeo Onsen  |  Total images: 21  |  Date added: 21.04.2007
A day trip organised by one of the other students to visit a "Ninja Village"

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