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Southern Europe Quick Tour 2007
My mother came for a three week visit. She joined me for a diving trip to Hyeres in France. On the way we saw parts of Switzerland and France and on the way back we took the long way home, through Monaco, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Verona and finally Tirol, Austria.

Austria  |  Total images: 22  |  Date added: 19.09.2007
Our brief trip through Austria included only one stop - the Fernsteinsee in Tirol.
Italy  |  Total images: 114  |  Date added: 18.09.2007
We managed to take in quite a few sights in Italy, despite the very limited time: Pisa, Florence, Venice and Verona.
Monaco  |  Total images: 25  |  Date added: 15.09.2007
We passed through Monaco on our way between France and Italy. As usual Monaco is a beautiful and well-kept town.
France  |  Total images: 139  |  Date added: 13.09.2007
Our trip through France started through the Rhône-Alps region, then continued south through Provence. We stayed mainly in Hyeres, with some day trips around the region.
Switzerland  |  Total images: 40  |  Date added: 06.09.2007
We had a few days to catch some of the sights closer to home as well.

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