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USA Nov 2003
A month long trip to the USA in November/December 2003. The trip included a week in San Francisco, a few days in Las Vegas, a weekend in New Orleans, a weekend in Austin Texas, a few days in New York and the remainder of the time in Houston.

Funny Signs
Funny Signs  |  Total images: 10  |  Date added: 10.11.2003
during the trip I saw many funny signs. The funny part was that they weren't supposed to be funny... I only managed to photograph some of them.
Houston  |  Total images: 8  |  Date added: 01.12.2003
Houston was not the most photogenic city in the US. A lot of sprawl, and not as many activities as the other cities on my trip. Therefore there were fewer photos in this folder.
Las Vegas
Las Vegas  |  Total images: 26  |  Date added: 25.11.2003
Vegas was a truely incredible place. I'd heard many stories, but one just has to see it for one's own eyes to understand what it is. An adult's Disneyland... I'll be back here too...
New Orleans
New Orleans  |  Total images: 12  |  Date added: 29.11.2003
New Orleans is a very special place. Many different cultures come together and create a place like no other US city. It was more European in flavour, and walking around it was a pleasure. Great food, music and atmosphere made this a place I will come back to again - maybe for Mardi Gras...
San Francisco
San Francisco  |  Total images: 36  |  Date added: 07.11.2003
San Francisco was a vibrant, relaxed and diverse city. I was very impressed, and it reminded me so much of Sydney it was uncanny! I'll definately be back - it was my favourite US city!
Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park  |  Total images: 18  |  Date added: 03.11.2003
A short day trip to the famous Yosemite National park, about 3 hours drive out of San Francisco. The weather was a little chilly, and the park reminded me very much of Switzerland, except that there were some pretty big redwood trees.

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