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Jordan Sep 2003
This was a trip to Jordan for one week. My time was split evenly between diving and non-diving activities. Likewise the photos have also been split under the Travel and Underwater folders. You can jump directly to the non-underwater photos here. You can also find a report about the trip here.

 Cowfish (Boxfish family)  Black pipefish (30cm)  View of sea grass  An anemone inhabited (as usual) by 2 species of clown fish  Salad coral on left  A moray wanders far from its usual habitat during the day  Christian at work    A very large lionfish hunts  A lazy puffer sits on the bottom  Get a room....  Get a room...  A tiny lionfish  Table coral surrounded by sea grass  Stonefish tries to find shelter after wandering into sea grass   Christian passes the crow's nest  The crows nest offers an excellent view  The crows nest offers an excellent view    The crows nest offers an excellent view    View across the deck  Brigette  Christian rests near the stern...        A tiny moray peeps out from within salad coral  Scorpion Fish  Sunflower coral (Tubastrea)  Sole   Trumpetfish showing unusual colour markings  Baby Lionfish hunting at night   A cleaner wrasse takes care of a moray   Coral gardens among seagrass at 20 meters    School of butterfly fish  Cowfish (member of the boxfish family)  Puffer fish grazing on the sea grass  Black pipefish makes an exit  Sea cucumber

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