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Sihlwald Photowalk
I decided to start an event on englishforum.ch to do photowalks. The initial site I chose was the Sihlwald, near Zurich.

Pics from Rob
Pics from Rob  |  Total images: 24  |  Date added: 23.09.2007
My brother Robert was visiting at the time so joined us. His shots done on Olympus E-410 with the two kit lenses, 14-42mm and 40-150mm (28-84 and 80-300 in 35mm)
Pics from Mark
Pics from Mark  |  Total images: 19  |  Date added: 23.09.2007
My shots from the event. Shot on an Olympus E-500 with 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 ED lens (28-108 in 35mm)
Pics from Rob (people)
Pics from Rob (people)  |  Total images: 7  |  Date added: 23.09.2007
Robert's pictures from the event, but just the people.
Initial Visit (test)
Initial Visit (test)  |  Total images: 8  |  Date added: 19.08.2007
Before I chose the site for a public photowalk, I thought I should visit it first and check it out. These are the shots from that initial visit.

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