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Wedding Robert& Sharyn Aust Mar 2003
Pictures from my brother Robert's wedding in Australia, 2nd March 2003. Please go further to the sub-albums.

Stag Night Pics
Stag Night Pics  |  Total images: 25  |  Date added: 01.03.2003
The stag night took place in a restaurant in Balmain, Sydney, and was followed by a few quiet beers in 2 local pubs. It concluded in an orderly manner at 01:00 (No - really, I am serious).
Wedding Pics
Wedding Pics  |  Total images: 38  |  Date added: 02.03.2003
The wedding took place at Palm Beach, about 1 hour's drive north of the centre of Sydney. The weather was beautiful and many guests ended up with sunburn. The reception took at a venue nearby, on the banks of the Hawksbury river. Congratulations to the happy couple - Robert & Sharyn.

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