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South Africa - Sep 04 to Apr 05
We decided to avoid another cold European winter for the 2004/2005 period and head down to Cape Town for the South African summer instead. Cape Town offers many possiblities, and due to the exchange rate - very reasonable prices!

Apartment  |  Total images: 53  |  Date added: 10.10.2004
Our apartment at Sea Point, Cape Town. Great views of the ocean, and many restaurants, facilities and shops within walking distance.
Cars  |  Total images: 8  |  Date added: 23.02.2005
Some pictures of the cars we bought for our stay in South Africa. A Toyota Conquest for Lynn and a Renault Scenic RX4 for Mark
Dec04-Jan05  |  Total images: 20  |  Date added: 23.01.2005
Some assorted pictures from Dec 04 and Jan 05. Unfortunately I lost many of the other images, but these are the ones that survived. Highlights include Christmas, a dive and some scenery shots from around our local area.
Durban Diving
Durban Diving  |  Total images: 4  |  Date added: 06.03.2005
A weekend trip to Durban to visit my grandfather and also to dive Protea Banks to see the sharks. We saw a few big hammerhead and zambezi (bull) sharks, but they were to prove illusive when we tried to photograph them.
Elgin  |  Total images: 15  |  Date added: 03.04.2005
A trip to visit a property owned by some friends of ours - Paul and Lindsay. While there we did a quick search and recovery dive to see if we could recover some canoes lost many years ago. Nothing was found...
Hout Bay Diving
Hout Bay Diving  |  Total images: 27  |  Date added: 03.04.2005
We made regular trips to Hout Bay to do boat diving with Dive Action - a local Cape Town dive store.
Jetskiing  |  Total images: 16  |  Date added: 29.01.2005
Jetskiing was just one of those things that had to be done while we were in Cape Town. My cousin Keith came to visit, and the ocean was very flat one day so we decided on the spur of the moment to take them for a spin. Needless to say a lot of fun was had by all!
Karate  |  Total images: 13  |  Date added: 12.03.2005
I started training with the WSKF in cape Town during the trip. This folder contains some shots from some of the activities.
Orange River
Orange River  |  Total images: 35  |  Date added: 19.03.2005
Running along the Namibian and South African borders is the Orange River. This was a 3 day trip we did paddling down the river and sleeping under the stars.
Penguins  |  Total images: 3  |  Date added: 25.03.2005
Penguins at Boulders Beach, Cape Town
Skydiving  |  Total images: 4  |  Date added: 06.04.2005
I decided to complete an AFF (accelerated Freefall) course. It was 1 static line jump and 10 free fall jumps from 9000-11000 feet. Jumps 1-3 were with 2 instructors, jumps 4-7 were with 1 instructor, jumps 8-10 were solo. Please note the videos from jumps 6 and 7 are the better ones.

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