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This is a collection of some of the trips I've done, usually further away than local trips. For shorter and more local trips you'll usually find these somewhere else like the General or Underwater folders.

Venice Dec 2007
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Venice Dec 2007  |  Total images: 102  |  Date added: 02.01.2008
We took advantage of some cheap airfares and spent a week in Venice just after Christmas and including New Year. We also took Lilly the dog with us.
Cinque Terre & Pisa Oct 2007
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Cinque Terre & Pisa Oct 2007  |  Total images: 274  |  Date added: 17.10.2007
A short trip to take in one of the nicest spots in Italy - the famous Cinque Terre (or five cities in English). We also stopped by Pisa afterwards.
Fernsteinsee Oct 2007
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Fernsteinsee Oct 2007  |  Total images: 51  |  Date added: 12.10.2007
A short two-day trip to one of our favourite spots in Austria - the hotel Fernsteinsee in Tirol.
Southern Europe Quick Tour 2007
Southern Europe Quick Tour 2007  |  Total images: 340  |  Date added: 19.09.2007
My mother came for a three week visit. She joined me for a diving trip to Hyeres in France. On the way we saw parts of Switzerland and France and on the way back we took the long way home, through Monaco, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Verona and finally Tirol, Austria.
Japan April 07
Japan April 07  |  Total images: 494  |  Date added: 12.05.2007
A very enjoyable four-week trip to Japan. The purpose was partly Japanese-language study and party holiday. Japan is one of my favourite countries.
Mallorca March 07
Mallorca March 07  |  Total images: 27  |  Date added: 30.03.2007
A short break to the island of Mallorca. We were there in off-season so it was very relaxing, but a little rainy.
Barcelona March 2007
Barcelona March 2007  |  Total images: 58  |  Date added: 15.03.2007
A short break to the beautiful city of Barcelona. Great architecture and the home of the famous Gaudi
Budapest March 2007
Budapest March 2007  |  Total images: 65  |  Date added: 05.03.2007
Another short long weekend break to Budapest. Amazing churches, buildings, castles, etc.
Ireland Feb 2006
Ireland Feb 2006  |  Total images: 49  |  Date added: 18.02.2007
A short four-day break to Ireland. The weather was better than expected - two half days of sunshine.
Paris Feb 2007
Paris Feb 2007  |  Total images: 60  |  Date added: 04.02.2007
An extended weekend break to Paris
Asia December 06
Asia December 06  |  Total images: 173  |  Date added: 01.01.2007
A short work assignment came up in the Philippines. I took Lynn along and tacked on a couple of extra weeks in Thailand and Hong Kong for good measure. Christmas / New Year in a warm climate is always welcome...
Australia Jan 2006
Australia Jan 2006  |  Total images: 199  |  Date added: 11.01.2006
Lynn and I did a quick three week holiday to Sydney over the Christmas/New Year period
Italy October 2005
Italy October 2005  |  Total images: 44  |  Date added: 09.10.2005
A short trip to Liguria, Italy. Not much in the way of underwater photos, so this was filed under "Travel". I was testing out my new Olympus 7070 but hadn't had a chance to read the manual at that stage...
Sweden May 2005
Sweden May 2005  |  Total images: 44  |  Date added: 19.05.2005
The first official JAlbum skin developers' conference in Stockholm, Sweden.
Monaco April 2005
Monaco April 2005  |  Total images: 4  |  Date added: 30.04.2005
A short two-hour trip around Monaco on our way back from France in April 2005.
South Africa - Sep 04 to Apr 05
South Africa - Sep 04 to Apr 05  |  Total images: 198  |  Date added: 06.04.2005
We decided to avoid another cold European winter for the 2004/2005 period and head down to Cape Town for the South African summer instead. Cape Town offers many possiblities, and due to the exchange rate - very reasonable prices!
South Africa July 2004
South Africa July 2004  |  Total images: 79  |  Date added: 24.07.2004
A short trip to South Africa. The excuse was a surprise visit for my Grandfather's 90th birthday. The itinerary included Cape Town, Knysna, Durban and the game parks of KwaZulu Natal.
Korea & Japan Feb March 2004
Korea & Japan Feb March 2004  |  Total images: 134  |  Date added: 18.03.2004
A rather spontaneous trip to Seoul, Tokyo and Okinawa. Japan was a fascinating country. I will certainly return there sometime soon!
USA Nov 2003
USA Nov 2003  |  Total images: 110  |  Date added: 01.12.2003
A month long trip to the USA in November/December 2003. The trip included a week in San Francisco, a few days in Las Vegas, a weekend in New Orleans, a weekend in Austin Texas, a few days in New York and the remainder of the time in Houston.
Jordan Sep 2003
Jordan Sep 2003  |  Total images: 29  |  Date added: 24.09.2003
This was a trip to Jordan for one week. My time was split evenly between diving and non-diving activities. Likewise the photos have also been split under the Travel and Underwater folders. You can jump directly to the underwater photos here. You can also find a report about the trip here.
Bern & London July 2003
Bern & London July 2003  |  Total images: 40  |  Date added: 28.07.2003
Combined photos from a weeklong trip to London, and a day trip to Bern
Australia Dec 2001
Australia Dec 2001  |  Total images: 429  |  Date added: 28.05.2003
A rather extensive collection of images from a rather extensive trip (5 weeks) through some of the more common parts of Australia. This collection is broken down into individual locations and time periods.
Australia Feb 2003
Australia Feb 2003  |  Total images: 38  |  Date added: 22.02.2003
These are the pictures taken during my trip to Australia for my brother's wedding (see folder under general for these pictures). Included is a trip to Canberra showing the total devastation wrought by the Canberra fires.
London Mar 2002
London Mar 2002  |  Total images: 25  |  Date added: 01.04.2002
One of many short trips to London to catch up with friends, shop (on Sundays as well!!), and generally enjoy everything London has to offer.
Tessin Oct 2001
Tessin Oct 2001  |  Total images: 11  |  Date added: 28.10.2001
A weekend trip in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland - Tessin (Ticino).
Ballooning - Flims_CH - Oct 2001
Ballooning - Flims_CH - Oct 2001  |  Total images: 15  |  Date added: 14.10.2001
A rare opporunity to take part in a ballooning event over the Swiss Alps!
Paragliding Austria July 1997
Paragliding Austria July 1997  |  Total images: 9  |  Date added: 09.06.2001
Paragliding course in the Austrian Alps. Great fun, also a little scary! VERY hard work!!
Australia Dec 1998
Australia Dec 1998  |  Total images: 6  |  Date added: 16.04.2001
This is just a small set of images from a short 8 day break over Christmas/New Year in Sydney. I was working in the UK at the time, and it was a welcome break from the bad weather!
Egypt 1996
Egypt 1996  |  Total images: 5  |  Date added: 16.04.2001
These are non-diving photos of a diving trip I did in Egypt with my cousin. It was the first of many trips to come later.

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