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Zuerisee General 2003
2003 has been a lot more active as far as photographics of local Swiss diving goes. Please see the relevant sub folders for more details.

Reef Williams 17.05.2003
Reef Williams 17.05.2003  |  Total images: 26  |  Date added: 17.05.2003
Reef Williams is one of the more popular sites. This is some shots of a recent dive with Phil GŁnther.
Terlinden 30.05.2003
Terlinden 30.05.2003  |  Total images: 25  |  Date added: 30.05.2003
Terlinden is one of my favourite sites, but it is best as a deep dive. There are great walls at 30-40m, and some caves, one of which is filled with gnomes...
WZT August 2003
WZT August 2003  |  Total images: 4  |  Date added: 25.08.2003
Chappi and I did a dive to find the end of the pipe that supplies water for Zurich. After a 30 minute swim we reached the end of the pipe which lies 1km from the shore at 30m. We required a twin 12l tank configuration for this dive. Nitrox was used for this dive, as using air would have required too much decompression. Total dive time was around 100 minutes, including about 20 minutes of deco stops.
WZT May 2003
WZT May 2003  |  Total images: 65  |  Date added: 01.06.2003
WZT (Wassersportzentrum Tiefenbrunnen formerly known as TZT) is a popular site for training new divers, but there are a few interesting things that even seasoned divers sometimes miss. For example "The garden" is often unknown to experienced divers.

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