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A rather large collection of various underwater pictures. Please see the relevant sub-folders for more details.

Cave Diving - Mexico January 2007
Cave Diving - Mexico January 2007  |  Total images: 71  |  Date added: 20.01.2007
A two-week cave diving trip to Yucatan in Mexico. Managed twelve days of diving in some spectacular cave systems.
Courses and Events
Courses and Events  |  Total images: 466  |  Date added: 13.04.2007
All pictures related to diving courses or organised diving events are in this folder
France June 2006
France June 2006  |  Total images: 60  |  Date added: 16.06.2006
Week-long trip to Hyeres, France with the Umex crew
Red Sea July 2005
Red Sea July 2005  |  Total images: 41  |  Date added: 07.07.2005
A one week trip to the Red Sea. Route was Brothers, Elphinstone, Daedalis. Boat was Golden Dolphin
France April 2005
France April 2005  |  Total images: 50  |  Date added: 29.04.2005
A tec diving / trimix trip. Two weeks in the south of France. Great wrecks.
Lynn's Photos
Lynn's Photos  |  Total images: 26  |  Date added: 29.04.2005
These photos were all taken by Lynn Watkins using a canon IXUS V3. Some images were cropped and enhanced in Photoshop.
Italy September 2004
Italy September 2004  |  Total images: 4  |  Date added: 05.09.2004
A short weekend trip to dive in Italy. Didn't really take many shots here - sorry.
Jordan Sep 2003
Jordan Sep 2003  |  Total images: 52  |  Date added: 26.09.2003
This was a trip to Jordan for one week. My time was split evenly between diving and non-diving activities. Likewise the photos have also been split under the Travel and Underwater folders. You can jump directly to the non-underwater photos here. You can also find a report about the trip here.
Red Sea September 2003
Red Sea September 2003  |  Total images: 46  |  Date added: 04.09.2003
A one week live-aboard trip in the Red Sea. The route was Brothers, Daedelus, Elphinestone (and excellent route packing all the best parts into a single week!), and the boat was the Suzanna 1, quite simply the best boat I have seen in the Red Sea to date! Details on the boat can be found here: http://www.scuba-diving-safaris.co.uk/red_sea_liveaboards/suzanna_1.htm
Zuerisee General 2003
Zuerisee General 2003  |  Total images: 120  |  Date added: 25.08.2003
2003 has been a lot more active as far as photographics of local Swiss diving goes. Please see the relevant sub folders for more details.
Austria August 2003
Austria August 2003  |  Total images: 55  |  Date added: 03.08.2003
Fernsteinsee / Samarangersee - Tirol, Austria. Beautiful clear waters.....
Italy June 2003
Italy June 2003  |  Total images: 61  |  Date added: 15.06.2003
Der regelmässige Blue Divers Italian Ausflug - 11-15 Juni 2003.
Tessin May 2003
Tessin May 2003  |  Total images: 59  |  Date added: 12.05.2003
A trip to the famous Verzasca river in Tessin with a Blue Divers group. Clear water and a friendly hotel owner made for a mix of great diving and entertaining evenings.
Australia Feb 2003
Australia Feb 2003  |  Total images: 21  |  Date added: 26.02.2003
Some dives done with my father in and around Sydney. Includes a sighting of the famous weedy sea dragon!
Red Sea April 2002
Red Sea April 2002  |  Total images: 60  |  Date added: 19.04.2002
Pictures from a week long trip on one of the boats of the Heaven Fleet in the Red Sea. This was a trip out to the famous Brother Islands. The islands were great, but pretty much everything else around the coast has been destroyed...
Urisee Icediving Jan 2002
Urisee Icediving Jan 2002  |  Total images: 50  |  Date added: 27.01.2002
Ice diving at Urisee is really great because the hotel is directly on the side of the lake. The hotel also contains a full dive base, which makes it even easier for the divers! This weekend was a lot of fun, though digging that hole was a LOT of work!
Australia Dec 2001
Australia Dec 2001  |  Total images: 34  |  Date added: 16.12.2001
This was a weekend dive trip to South West Rocks, 6 hours drive north of Sydney. It includes a swim through of a famous tunnel around 100m long.
Zuerisee_Zugersee Dec 2001
Zuerisee_Zugersee Dec 2001  |  Total images: 5  |  Date added: 02.12.2001
I didn't take many diving related shots during 2001, but these were some that I dug up...
Austria July 2001
Austria July 2001  |  Total images: 7  |  Date added: 14.10.2001
A weekend diving trip to Austria. Great weather and clear waters... No actual underwater pictures here though :-(
Maldives Dec 2000
Maldives Dec 2000  |  Total images: 10  |  Date added: 16.04.2001
Picture of my first & second trips to the Maldives. Not much in the way of under water pictures though...
Zuerisee 2000
Zuerisee 2000  |  Total images: 8  |  Date added: 16.04.2001
A collection of images from various courses & dives in Zürisee during 2000.

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